Engaging Community

As a disciple, I am a friend to the community.

I will grow in compassion and have acceptance of people.

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Encountering Christ

As a disciple, I am a son/daughter of God and I seek personal encounters with Christ.

I will grow in faith and authenticity.

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Embracing cell life

As a disciple, I am a brother/sister to other members in His family.

I will grow in love and accept accountability in my DJ cell.

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Enlisting for the Great Commission

As a disciple, I am a servant in ministry to others.

I will grow in faithfulness and have greater availability for His use.

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As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to walk in simplicity and to engage the community in such a way as to lead them to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. In LSBC, we reach out to the community through various avenues.

Bethesda CARE

Bethesda C.A.R.E (Community Assistance and Relationship Enrichment) is the community arm of LSBC. Through it, we have set up satellite centres in Blk 242, Blk 603 and Blk 574 to run effective and affordable services to benefit and serve our heartlanders. Whether it is within homes, in schools, at the void decks or at its service centres, Bethesda Care brings quality social services to the community, committed to care in practical ways.

We have a special community services, that is NET (NET stands Near Enough to Touch). We believe that through NET, we are closing the gap between the church and the community, and that we would be near enough to share the gospel when the need arises.

NET run by Bethesda CARE

A. 242 Centre
• School ministry
• Fame Club
• Counselling
B. 603 Centre
• Children’s Club
• Patchwork
• Senior Connect
C. 574 Care Connection
• Gym recreation
• In-line skate
• Senior Connect

For more information, visit our website: www.bcare.org.sg

Congregational NET

The church runs various NET activities in schools and in church.

GB at Yuying Secondary School
BB at Yuying Secondary School
Royal Rangers at Blk 603
Healing Rooms at LSBC
Eldercare Befriender

Community Pastoring Ministry

We intentionally reach out to bless and to touch lives as we walk the block, knock on doors and enter homes to give good gifts and perform good deeds for our residents.
Our Community Pastoring Ministry (CPM) includes block blessing and special projects of good deeds and celebration for residents.

Click here to find out when is our next CPM project.

Educational Services

Bethesda C.A.R.E. runs a school-based and a community based Student Care Centres. We provide before and after school care services for low-income families and working parents for the community in Hougang.

Currently, we have a total of 280 primary students enrolled at our student care centres.