Engaging Community

As a disciple, I am a friend to the community.

I will grow in compassion and have acceptance of people.

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Encountering Christ

As a disciple, I am a son/daughter of God and I seek personal encounters with Christ.

I will grow in faith and authenticity.

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Embracing cell life

As a disciple, I am a brother/sister to other members in His family.

I will grow in love and accept accountability in my DJ cell.

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Enlisting for the Great Commission

As a disciple, I am a servant in ministry to others.

I will grow in faithfulness and have greater availability for His use.

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Our Staff

Lawrence Chua Susan Ho Angela Lau
Lawrence Chua
6340 4101
Senior Pastor
Susan Ho
6340 4102
Executive Pastor
Angela Lau
6340 4103
Personal Secretary
Pastoral Team (English)
Patrick Wong Tan KweeChoon Sheila Tan Elaine Chua
Patrick Wong
6340 4107
Pastor in Charge
(English Service)
District Pastor
Tan Kwee Choon
6340 4105
Pastor in Charge
Zone Pastor
Sheila Tan
6340 4106
Zone Pastor
Elaine Chua
6340 4104
Zone Pastor
SusanChoo Kelvin Poh Ruth_125_168px
Susan Choo
6340 4112
Worship Pastor
Kelvin Poh
6340 4119
Asst Pastor
(CPM in Charge)
Ruth Tay
6340 4140
Lead Pastor in Charge
(Youth Church)
 JasmineFu_125_168px JasmineFu_125_168px
Jasmine Fu
6340 4121
Pastor in Charge
(Children’s Church)
Teo Wei Min
6340 4120
Asst Pastor
(Children’s Church)
Pastoral Team (Chinese)
Peter Fok Jane Hui Angeline Quek
Peter Fok

6340 4145
Jane Hui

6340 4146
Angeline Quek

6340 4147
Peter Fok Jane Hui
Yong Chee Hong
6340 4148
Wang Rui
6340 4150
Overseas Relief
Dong YK Dong YK Dong YK
Dong YK
6340 4113
Overseas Relief IC
Roland Ho
6340 4117
Overseas Relief
Josie Sim
6340 4116
Overseas Relief
Bethesda CARE
Edwin Ho Stella Tan
Edwin Ho
6340 4160
Executive Director
Stella Tan
6340 4161
Senior Manager